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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Going Virtual

Hey fiberologists….I am starting my “BLOG”…..I can’t wait to tell you all about my latest and greatest!!! And can you believe that my store fiberologie was a year old on March 15th??? WOW……A very big Thank You too all for supporting my store!! And I have to say that sewers and crafters are the nicest people ever…you make my job FUN….So that is why I want to provide this blog as a community that allows me to share some of my fascinating stories and ideas with all of you.

But now to the good stuff…We have been making some great things with the Anna Mar

ia Horner’s new patterns and her new fabrics….Good Folks…check out the sample that Jen made of her new pattern the “multi tasker tote”…we just love the laminated fabric!!! I have attached a picture and will be sure to have these available for purchase online....Stay Tuned... Then we made the cutest lunch bag ever

….it only took a ½ yard of fabric….and it even has pockets for your utensils…..Her laminated fabric is great to sew…think tablecloths, baby bibs, aprons and beach bags…Keep checking back and I will keep you updated on when my ETSY site will be up and running. We are also planning some give aways and special online discounts.....It is going to be exciting especially with your help....Please contribute with comments,

questions, or creative ideas......