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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


AIRDREAMING...about the "summer of love"...with the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock" are my party ideas....have fun...

Make a fun banner for the theme of the party....Peace...Love...Flower power.....I just cut two large triangles per banner ...wrong sides them together...applique on your peace sign....heart..... flower....and rotary cut the edges of the flag with a zig the flag onto some twill tape on either side and you are ready to hang....

Paper plates and napkins from cool...."40th anniversary of Woodstock"....and keep the menu simple..have foods brought by guests from the year 1969...

We just got in these great "peace sign" batiks.....what fun they would be for table cloths, bandanas, banners....aprons....a "toga".....$9.50 a yard....

Must have some great give-a-ways for your guests...."moon pies' are always a hit....

Of course download some tunes from Woodstock....Janis..Jimmy...the Who.....but live music is always the "best"....go..."lightning Jack"...



  1. airstreaming looks like a good time :)
    i've always dreamed of taking one all over the country during the summer. let me know when you're giving tours. i'd love to come down and oogle.

  2. I'm coming in for the peace fabric...but I refuse to pick up Spam on the way home! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  3. I love the batik fabric, woodstock themed plates from Target. The Airstream is all about the open road and being in touch with your peace loving earthy self.
    I was in Barnes and Nobles a couple of weeks ago and they have a table set up with all kinds of 1969 40 year anniversary of Woodstock items. I absolutely got all emotional and teary because it really hit me that my husband and I have been best friends since 1969. It was in 1969 that I got my first pair of bell bottom jeans while at school in Newport, RI. I attended the Newport Jazz Festival. I spent a week embroidering down one leg of my jeans all kinds of cool things. I best part of this thread collage was my beautiful white threaded peace symbol with a vine of flowers going around it. When the years were completely worn I still kept them and still have them now! Only I cut them apart and sewed them into a crazy quilt with all kinds of cool fabrics and memorabilla for my daughter about ten years ago. PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS! May your days be filled with creative endeavors. Thanks for the blog. Catherine Cross Tsintzos

  4. Love the new blog, Karrie! Great community building and it so clearly has your great tone and energy! -Gayle

  5. Love the wristlet and so will my 12 year old daughter!