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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Far Far Away....

Calling all little is the Heather Ross Far Far Away fabrics from Kokka....double gauze....and double delicious!!!  The fabric has an excellent drape and feel.....wonderful for clothing and quilting for the "Little ones"...Heather Ross' designs are so whimsical....I stopped everything and grabbed my Amy Butler book.....and here's the completed project!!!!

I had to make this cute little Kimono-style PJ...from the Amy Butler Little Stitches book!!! "Loose comfy and oh-so-stylish for baby"....the double gauze material is sooo soft....and easy to sew....I will have to make a "pink" Princess and the Pea...kimono also....and I am thinking why not some "jammies for me comfy would that be...

Keep on stitchin'.....


  1. This fabric is beautiful! I want grown-up jammies like the ones you made. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The fabric is so cute! I told Amanda about it last night and we are planning the perfect thing to make for her with the princess and the pea but we are loving the frog on the lily pads as well. :) It all has to wait for the 2000 puppets to be finished!

  3. do you have any far far away pieces left over that I could purchase?